OK, the latest update crashed my Xserver, meaning that all I can see now is text, which is not what I want. Luckily the install CD is also a LiveCD, which is from where I am posting this 😀

So, bad news for me, but great news for you, because now I can also post the results of my installation process, with lots of screenshots!

Of course, I should’ve seen it coming:

Don’t use Feisty as your primary desktop/OS. Feisty is Ubuntu in development. It’s not ready for the general public! If you want new stuff you can use backports instead of Feisty.Feisty should only be used if you want to help testing bugs. Important stuff can and will get broken. Probably X is going to break this means that during that time (maybe even for weeks) you can’t easily log into X anymore.

My hands have been itching to do a fresh install anyway, as it allows me to get a better look at the state of Feisty and lets me go through the fun of installing cool applications all over again!

I have also decided to try not to use the command line, I’m sure that should be possible. Except for XAMPP, but what regular user uses XAMPP?

This blog should become a hell more interesting now. Wish me luck. 😀


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