It’s official: Dell will ship Ubuntu!

Update: You can now buy your Ubuntu PCs and notebooks from Dell!

You’ll be reading this a lot the coming days, but I think I’m one of the first: Dell will be shipping Ubuntu! Ubuntu has announced it at their website, Dell at theirs (with a video interview with Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and Ubuntu).

I’m sorry that I’m not posting unique content like I normally do, but it’s just very exciting! Perhaps it does not matter that much to you, but look at the average consumer. They can now buy a PC and use Ubuntu without having to install it, and all hardware that comes with that PC will just work with Ubuntu! And if Ubuntu (Linux) becomes more popular, it will probably attract more developers, which means that we end up with an even better product!

This is really cool, and if this helps Dell to regain their #1 PC vendor status, I’d be very happy 😀

Let’s hope that the Linux community will put their money where their mouth is, otherwise it will be another while before another large computer manufacturer will even consider putting Linux on their PC’s.

How did it come this far, you ask?

Good question. Firstly, Dell losts its position as #1 PC vendor on HP. Of course, Dell wanted to take back that position, and thus adopted a new strategy. From now on, it would listen to its customers. They did this with the Dell Idea Storm website. The idea was that visitors could submit ideas for Dell, on which other visitors could vote. This allowed Dell to easily view which ideas were most popular, and thus which idea had most consumer demand.

However, the results were not quite what they expected. The most popular idea was that of pre-installed Linux, closely followed by pre-installed, pre-installed Firefox and a whole slew of other open source requests. Well, Dell had asked, and the whole world could see what the answer was. On the Direct2Dell blog, Dell published a Linux survey which, among others, asked those who took the survey which Linux distribution they would prefer. Meanwhile, Michael Dell revealed that he too uses Ubuntu. Apparently, Ubuntu emerged from the survey as being the most popular, as this morning (at least, in the Netherlands) rumours spread Dell would ship Ubuntu. One of Canonical’s employees announced it on his blog but later had to remove that. However, now it has been officially announced and hopefully soon you’ll be able to order your Ubuntu PC’s! Until then, you’ll have to do with the instructions on how to install Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Dell published on its website April 30th.


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