I never used to be interested in virtualization software. I mean: why would I want to run another operating system in a window? Or for that matter: why would I want to run another operating system?

That all changed a few days ago. I’ve been wanting to switch to Feisty for a while (would make for a few good blog posts too 😉 ), but unfortunately, burning the daily build onto a CD did not work out like it should, and it cost me quite a few CD’s too.

Then my dad mentioned VirtualBox, which he could install on his Windows XP to run the ISO image without needing to burn it onto a CD! That sounded cool, so I headed over to their website.


Not only did they have a Linux version (with Ubuntu packages!), but since January this year they have also made large parts open source! Well, I installed it (the proprietary version though, that was easiest. Sorry 😦 ) and clicked the “InnoTek VirtualBox” menu entry. Nothing happened.

Oh wait, I needed to be in the “vboxusersgroup”. OK, added myself, crossed my fingers, then launched VirtualBox again…

It was really unbelievable. I could run Xubuntu Herd 5 without problems! But of course, pictures say more than a gazillion words, so here you are:

First I created a virtual pc:
Selecting a VirtualBox machine
Then I selected the location of the ISO image:
Booting from an ISO image in VirtualBox
And there it is: a fully function desktop!
Xubuntu Feisty dektop in VirtualBox
And I can shut it down:
Shuttind down Xubuntu in VirtualBox
Xubuntu shutdown in VirtualBox

This is really cool, also if you do not need to dual-boot. It’s such a thrill to be able to run a LiveCD without burning it! In fact, I’m also downloading Ubuntu Feisty now, just to see what it has become by now.

But of course, you do not want to go through so much trouble as I went through to find out how to get it to work, that’s why I’ve posted this guide (for Edgy) on Enjoy!


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  1. 1 Patrick 13 March 2007 at 5:07 am

    Hot Damn! I didn’t even know something like VirtualBox was possible. I’m gonna have to try this out. I’m slowly making the move to Kubuntu but all that booting from CD is just to cumbersome. I can’t wait to see how this works. Thanks for the recommendation!

  1. 1 VirtualBox, Everything you need to know at x86 Virtualization Trackback on 20 April 2007 at 12:31 am
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